5 Tips voor een mooi en verzorgde baard

5 Tips for a beautiful and well-groomed beard

Lately, growing your beard has become more and more trendy and normal. In addition, men also want to get a beautiful and well-groomed beard, but don't know how to start. Everyone has a different type of beard and grows differently. Here we give you tips on how to grow and care for your plant optimally

Tip 1: Just let it grow

This is of course the most logical step, but for men who always removed their beards, this is a difficult step. The first few days it will mainly itch because you are not used to it. You have to go through that phase once and you also need patience.

Tip 2: Determine your beard growth

You are through the growing and itching phase. you have grown your beard well and now you can experiment what kind of beard style you want. In this phase you will determine where you want your beard to grow.

Tip 3: Choose a beard style

Once you have determined your beard growth you can start choosing your type of beard style. You have so many options to choose what kind of style you want. You can think of a kind of transition from short to long, a ring beard, a chin strip beard and bandhloz and much more. You can use Google or what I mainly do on Pinterest to look for beard models that might be something for you and try it out.

Tip 4: Make a routine of your beard style maintenance

After choosing your beard style, you should be able to create a routine to properly maintain your beard. An example of this is determining the length of your beard. You can keep it trimmed or let it grow full. So decide what suits your head shape best.

Tip 5: Use beard care products for best results

You can choose to use beard oil for daily care. Beard oil is ideal for softening your beard, hydrating your skin and making it shine. If you have a longer beard and want to style it more, you can go for beard balm. Beard balm is especially for men with a long beard to shape it nicely. To combine it well, you can also use a beard brush or comb. This allows you to care for your subcutaneous tissue and comb out tangles.

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