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Discover our new beard oil range

We are happy to announce that our beard oil is back in stock. This time we have expanded the range with five new delicious scents: Sandalwood, Bay rum, Cedar Pine, Clary sage and Unscented. Each of these scents has its own unique properties and benefits. In this blog we will discuss the benefits of each scent and explain why our beard oil is a must-have for every man with a beard.

Sandalwood beard oil

The Sandalwood fragrance has a warm, woody scent known for its calming and relaxing properties. It is ideal for men who suffer from dry, itchy skin, as sandalwood oil hydrates and softens the skin. Additionally, this fragrance has antibacterial properties, so it can also help fight skin irritations and acne.

Beard Oil Bay Rum

The Bay rum scent has a fresh, spicy scent reminiscent of a tropical island. This scent is known for its antiseptic properties, which helps prevent skin infections and wounds. In addition, the Bay rum scent has an invigorating effect, making it ideal for the morning routine.

Cedar Pine Beard Oil

The Cedar Pine fragrance has a powerful, earthy scent reminiscent of a walk through a forest. This fragrance has antiseptic and antifungal properties, making it helpful in preventing dandruff and other skin problems. It is also an excellent choice for men who suffer from oily skin, as it regulates sebum production and hydrates the skin.

Clary Sage beard oil

The Clary sage fragrance has a fresh, spicy scent known for its soothing and relaxing properties. It is ideal for men who suffer from stress or anxiety as the scent can help relieve tension and promote a sense of calm. Additionally, the Clary sage fragrance has antiseptic properties, making it helpful in preventing skin infections.

Beard Oil Unscented

The Unscented oil has no added fragrance and is ideal for men who are sensitive to fragrances or have allergies. This oil contains the same nourishing and caring ingredients as our other oils and offers the same benefits for the skin and beard.

The benefits of beard oil

Our beard oil contains a combination of natural oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil that hydrate and nourish the beard hairs. This prevents dehydration and breakage of the hairs, making the beard healthier and softer. In addition, our beard oil contains vitamin E,

which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage, thus preventing premature aging. Here are more benefits of our beard oil:

  • Softens the skin: Beard oil not only moisturizes the beard hairs, but also the skin underneath. It softens the skin and prevents irritation and itching, especially during the first growth phase of the beard.

  • Improves beard texture: Beard oil can improve the texture of beard hairs by making them softer and smoother. This makes it easier to style and shape the beard as desired.

  • Adds shine: Our beard oil contains natural oils that add shine and a healthy appearance to the beard hairs.

  • Improves odor: Beard oil can improve the smell of the beard by adding a pleasant scent and neutralizing any unpleasant odors.

In short, beard oil is a must-have for men who want to have a healthy and well-groomed beard. It moisturizes and nourishes not only the beard hairs, but also the skin underneath, preventing irritation and itching. Our beard oil is available in five delicious scents and in a handy gift set. Check out the link below to view our range and find the perfect beard oil for you.

Beard Oil Assortment

Beard Oil Gift Set

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