Waar kan ik baard olie voor gebruiken?

What can I use beard oil for?

The beard is hip. Many famous people grow beards because they think they look better. A beautiful beard requires good care. A delicious beard oil, made from only natural products, ensures that your beard is in top condition. By taking care of your beard daily, you can be sure that you will appear well-groomed, whether at work or on a date.

What is beard oil?

Nowadays there are 2 types of beard oils. Silicone- based and  natural oils . You can recognize the silicone version if the ingredients list on the packaging says cyclopentasiloxane or dimethiconol  stands. They provide a protective layer on your beard hairs. In addition, there is a more popular version and that is with natural oils. This ensures better care because there are no other additives. There it is apricot kernel oil, argan oil , almond oil and jojoba oil  and it is now more often chosen by men. 

3 functions of using beard oil

  • Hydrate 
  • Shine 
  • Styling 


Beard oil reduces the risk of dryness, itching and irritation on your skin under the beard and therefore hydrates and conditions 


For men who like to grow their beards long, it may happen that after a while your beard starts to become dull and dry. It is actually the same as with the hair on the head, but with the beard, beard oil is the ideal solution to prevent that. The result is that you get a beautifully shiny beard that also looks better cared for . 


If you grow your beard longer, there is a good chance that you will get sticking hairs. To keep it neat, beard oil is also the solution for this. The advantage is that it is easier to care for your beard and to comb it into a nice shape. 

When can you use beard oil?

The best time to apply your beard oil is after you have showered and especially cleaned your beard thoroughly. This allows the beard oil to deliver its nutrients to the beard. 

If at any other time you feel that your skin is dry, you can also use beard oil. You have to be careful not to use too much. 

You can also use beard oil for a nice shine when you leave the house. 

Use of beard oil

Place 2 to 5 drops of beard oil in your hands and rub the palms together. Then wipe your palms on the skin under your beard from bottom to top to properly moisturize it. Finally, you can stroke the beard hairs from top to bottom with your palms and then style them nicely with, for example, a beard comb or your hands. 

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