Wat is het verschil tussen baardolie balsem?

What is the difference between beard oil and balm

A beard balm is a conditioner for the day. Just like beard oil, you get a caring effect, but with beard balm you mainly get a nice styling for the rest of the day. 

The balm provides hydration and nourishment to the skin under your beard all day long. In addition, beard balm ensures that you get nice and soft beard hairs. Finally, you get good styling because the balm consists of special butter for skin and hair. If you also apply the balm, it hardens and weighs down the hair. It is recommended to style at the end with a beard brush or beard comb. 

Difference between beard balm and oil

If you look at the functions of both beard oil and beard balm, they are almost all the same. The only difference is that the beard balm is better intended for styling and keeping it in shape and the oil is for care. Beard balm also hardens the hair after application. 

Beard balm is common for all hair lengths, but works best for men with a long beard, where the styling function is more useful. For the short beards, the balm is common to make your beard appear thicker. 


Before applying balm, wash your beard well with water or beard shampoo to ensure it is properly cleaned. Take a quantity of balm in your hands and rub the palms together. Then apply the balm to the beard and start rubbing from the neck slowly upwards to moisturize it well. Then you can rub the beard hairs from top to bottom again. Finally, you can start styling the beard using a beard brush or a beard comb. Don't forget to wash off the balm every night before going to sleep to prevent damage to facial hair  

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